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About Old Brick Farm

At Old Brick Farm we believe that poultry birds grow and thrive best outside, on pasture. We provide shelter from predators, especially at night, and utilize portable fencing for outdoor grazing. 


Here are things we do at Old Brick Farm

Chickens * Ducks * Turkeys * Honey * Alumi-Coops

live turkeys outside.jpg

Thanksgiving Turkeys

Now taking orders for turkeys. There will be 2 pick up times. The week before Thanksgiving for those planning an early Holiday Dinner, and Thanksgiving week for Thursday dinners.


Baby Ducks are the cutest!!

We raise ducks once a year, in a fairly large quantity and have them available frozen most of the year.

You can enjoy our duck often at Bellflower Restaurant in Ypsilanti, MI

Local Honey is the best

We keep a few hives to produce honey for ourselves and have some for sale at the farm. This is our 4-frame extractor. Not too big, but just right for us.



Give us a call or text to come visit the farm to see how we do things, or check out our Alumi-Coops


6X10 Package 1.png

Our Story 

In 2015, Larry & Stephanie Doll were tired of running all over the countryside to buy farm fresh eggs. Since the farm had the buildings & facilities to raise chickens, they decided to get a few, to have their own eggs. So Larry bought 50 chicks. That was way more than they needed for themselves, so they launched a business to sell the eggs and established

Old Brick Farm, LLC

In the years preceding this, Larry and his brother operated a meat and egg business at the farm, so the next step for Old Brick Farm was to raise a few chickens. They had friends that used to buy chickens from them and the previous business so this worked out pretty well.  One of their friends had a restaurant in Ann Arbor and was looking for a good source for ducks. They raised ducks before, so next up, they're in the duck business. Finally, Thanksgiving rolled round and they had to buy a fresh turkey. That was ok, but then their friends raising turkeys decided they didn't want to do that any longer, so they offered some customer leads and Thanksgiving Turkeys were added. All this time, Larry & Stephanie were keeping bees because they use a lot of honey, but usually have some extra to sell, so the line up was complete. Chickens, ducks, turkeys and honey.

But wait, there's more. In 2023 Larry wanted to buy a Superior Products Alumi-Coop to replaced the old worn out chicken tractor. When he went to buy one from the dealer he found that he was no longer handling them. So after contacting the company directly, and visiting the facility in LaGrange, Indiana, Larry became the Southeast Michigan Dealer for Alumi-Coops.

Now our line up is complete, or is it? What's next? Who knows? 

Visit Old Brick Farm for Pasture Raised Poultry, Local Honey and Superior Products Alumi-Coops

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